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Yvonne Wall: Reviews

Yvonne Wall named "One of Southern Utah's 12 Most Influential Women." for her contribution to the Arts.
Brian Passey - St. George Magazine (Oct, 2014)
"Yvonne has been defined as a beautiful and very special woman, who writes and sings about those things that really matter in life, like family, friends, and cultivated kindness."
“She has a knack for getting to the point quickly and developing a wonderful story line with her lyric, that audiences automatically fall in love with from the first to the last chord. Yvonne’s light guitar style and rich voice always make me want to go home and write a song”.
Rich Panessa - President of Southern Utah Song Writer's Association SUSWA - The Spectrum's "Where It's @" (Oct 10, 2008)
"Yvonne Wall has brought together a collection of some of her most requested original songs and favorite covers, with a few new creations to delight her fans. One of these new tunes is the title cut, “Old Kitchen Table.” Yvonne’s agile vocals wrap around the lyric and carry you from a candlelit rain storm to a bright Sunday morning, passing by homework, checkers and homemade bread along the way. The varieties of love are explored throughout the disc. There’s the wistful “Hold Me” with a haunting strain of sadness in the poignant blue-grassy fiddle line.. “When I Feel This Way” brings a sensual contrast backed by some great sax and percussion. A lullaby and a sweet love song for a darling three-year-old son make you want to reach out to the children in your life, and the child within. Rich instrumentation dramatizes a couple original ballads sung with Yvonne’s incomparable clarity and silvery suppleness. Her story-telling gifts are paralled by the compelling melodies that move the tales forward. A violin solo in the middle of a Hank Williams, Sr. cover is a delight, but no more so than the utterly convincing delivery of the singer; violin and voice are both so tender and intimate, you will believe in love again. Produced by Spiral Studio’s Steve Lemmon, this album has been crafted with artistry and expert musicality. Lemmon has brought in top performers to support this first outing. You’ll recognize several guest artists, Sam Payne and Bonnie Romkey to name only two."
Carolyn McDonald - The Spectrum (Nov 18, 2006)
"The songs on this CD pull at the strings of my heart and take me to a better time and place. The singing is beautifully done and I love the variety!"
Jan Astle - CD Baby (Dec 10, 2006)
"This is the kind of music I enjoy most. The songs are heartfelt and the music is well done and fits the mood."
Lee Taylor - I-tunes (Jun 4, 2007)